September 28, 2010

From The Top

   In theater they have a saying when they want to start a scene from the beginning, they say: “Let’s take it from the top”. So in the spirit of the theatrical greats, we will tell you a little bit about ourselves taking it “From the Top”.

1.  What is your profession?
   Abbey worked as a development officer before becoming a full time stay at home mom to one darling child.
   Stephanie is a hairstylist extraordinaire and stay at home mom to two beautiful children.

2. How do you two know each other?
   We met in junior high and became instant best friends. Our friendship has weathered the tests of time, distance, marriage, children and professional ups and downs. While we currently live in two different states, we are driving distance from each other and work hard to make the trek to spend some quality time together at least every 4-6 weeks.

3. Why fashion?
   We know that when we look our best we feel our best. As women we start the day empowered and are more effective. It is our desire to help other women learn the tips and tricks we have mastered over the years to also look their best. Time is an issue for many women and in this blog we want to make it fast and easy for them to feel resourced in the field of trends.

4.  Favorite fashion trend?
   Abbey: The return of the late 50’s early 60’s dresses, with a little bit of Anthropology in the mix. Mad Men’s influence on fashion has delighted my little heart. If I could I would choose to dress in that style for a good part of my week.
   Stephanie: I really love almost everything Boho. I love the fact that I can wear something eye catching and glamorous that is also comfortable, all wrapped up in the same piece of material.  I have to say though that I love to evolve the Boho look so that it includes a lot of sparkly bling...because what is an outfit without fabulous accessories?

5.  Biggest fashion mistake of your past?
   Abbey: The different types of plaid and flannels, all in one outfit, circa 1995. A good trend if done right, I however did not do it correctly, as the evidence will show.
   Stephanie: In Junior High School I was really into the big baggy jeans and tiny, tiny tops- not cute no matter when it happened. I have found that happens when I wear something that is totally not me.  If I can't make myself believe that I can rock an outfit then it is going to be a flop.

   Well that’s us in a nutshell. We are very excited to have you along for this journey and welcome your questions and feedback. Here’s to a more fashionable tomorrow!