July 17, 2011

The Beginning

I grew up in a family who put very little emphasis on clothing or appearance. My parents taught me to be more concerned with character than appearance (which is absolutely right, by the way). There is nothing wrong however, with keeping up with the maintenance that goes along with living in this tent of ours.
Ironically, after college I went into the beauty industry- becoming a hairstylist. Now I am feeling a need to expand my styling skills by making my way into the world of fashion. I love doing hair- (obviously the most important accessory) and I am going to love designing clothing that people will feel fabulous in...and more importantly, that will support a really awesome cause.
I am so excited to combine the passions I have developed with the principles that my parents taught me growing up. So here's to a wonderful journey. I am looking forward to great things, anticipating a lot of learning and expecting lots of surprises. I'm excited to be sharing this journey with you- perhaps it will inspire you a little.

July 15, 2011

"For The Times They Are A-Changin'"

Some of you loyal readers may have noticed that we have made some changes to the blog and we hope that you love them as much as we do! The image, isn't the only thing that is changing though and we wanted to give you a little update on what we have been pondering the past few months during our blogging silence.
When we started this blog we knew we wanted it to be fun and both saw it as a learning experience and stepping stone to "SOMETHING", we just didn't know what. As we blogged together and had many conversations about where our hearts were and what really drove us as people and we discovered a lot about ourselves. All of this pondering led us to take a break from the blog to regroup and refocus, finding direction together and individually. 

We have decided to redirect this blog to follow a fabulous journey that Stephanie is 
currently on as she follows her passion of designing clothes. Abbey has started a blog of her own that chronicles the stylish life of mommy-hood in the city which you should check out here, and will continue to do guest blogs on topics such as "Growing Out Your Hair", sassy wear for new moms and her favorite WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? pieces. 

Now don't fret, we will still have fabulous posts with our honest opinions on the current trends. And of course welcome your suggestions as to what to review or style. Only there will be more about the clothing industry, fashion projections <can we get a Hurrah! for that one> and an inside peek at what drives a designer. 
We hope you will continue to follow us as we follow our hearts.

March 28, 2011

Perfect Fit

Clothes are an expression of who we are and all of us want to put our best foot forward. In order to ensure we do that we need to wear clothing that fits us well. Since each of our bodies are unique and one of a kind sometimes it is hard to find things that fit perfectly and accentuate our assets. Stephanie for example, has a voluptuous derrière and often has to have the waist of her jeans taken in. Abbey is 5'1, so as you can imagine hemming her pants is a must. Odds are that you too have a hard time finding things that fit perfectly on your unique and one of a kind body. So when making a purchase allot some money in your budget for tailoring.

You may be wondering, "How do I find a good tailor?" and that is an excellent question. Some department stores such as Nordstrom and The Buckle offer tailoring as a service to their customers. If you are shopping elsewhere however, our advice is to ask around for a recommendation.  You might ask a friend who they use or your local boutique are usually more than happy to make a recommendation. 

A few of our recommendations for the PNW Area:
* In Olympia, Yi's Alterations is an excellent place to get alterations. They are speedy, reasonably priced and they do very good work.
* In Seattle City Custom Tailor & Dry Cleaners is inexpensive, speedy as well.
* In Portland DZ Alterations & Tailor Shop has been a lifesaver on more than one occasion. 

Average Price Point For Services (based on our experiences)
*Regular pant hem is between 10 and 13 dollars
*Complicated pant hem is between 14 and 26 dollars
*Waist alteration is between 14 and 35 dollars
*Dress hem is around 20 dollars
*Rush fees can be extra, but ask how fast they can have it done 
before mentioning the word rush
*The cost of tailoring varies dramatically so make sure you ask about cost when you are fitted.

If you can provide a great recommendation in your area we would love to post it, so let us know!

March 23, 2011

A Tribute To A Legend

At the age of 79 Elizabeth Taylor has left this earth. 
A legend in so many ways it is hard to sum up the legacy she left behind. There is not an area of the industry her hands didn't grace. Child actress, stunning adult screen phenomenon, jewelry designer, fashion icon, perfume expert and activist she truly has left shoes too large for anyone to fill. As we mentioned in our random round-up of facts about us, we spent much of our time together watching old movies. In doing so we have watched many of Ms. Taylor's greater performances and are so very sad she is gone. And the scent of "White Diamonds" will always bring back memories for Abbey as her grandmother wore it religiously in the fall. 

We thought we would leave you this Wednesday with some of our favorite images of this amazing icon. The hats, the jewelry, oh the jewelry, the hair and those eyes. 
All so uniquely Elizabeth Taylor. 

Ms. Taylor, the curtain has fallen too soon and you will be missed.

March 21, 2011

Tips and Tricks- Shoes!

Property of A.H.
Here is a quickie that we just learned, courtesy of the Nate Berkus Design Show, to stretch out your shoes if they are just a bit small.  Put a bag of ice in them. Brilliant and simple! We love this for two reasons.  First, because most of us have one that is a bit wider or longer than the other. You can use this trick to stretch that once shoe that doesn't fit quite as well as the other. The other reason this is great is for the inevitable, "I love these shoes, but they are a bit tight, so I can't wear them for long periods of time" conundrum. What a brilliant solution! What are your favorite tips and tricks for making your shoes more comfortable?

March 18, 2011

Diggin' the 70's vibe!

We are totally inspired by all the throwback to the 70's. We love the bell bottoms, which flatter almost everyone because they even out our thighs with our calves. The retro prints, the big chunky earthy jewelery, the tie dye, and the silky boho tops are so inspiring! Add in the seemingly effortless style of the 70's hairdos and you have sweet summer perfection.All of the great parts of the 70's are back and ready for your warm embrace!
Young, Fabulous & Broke 'Kane Seaside' Tie Dyed Dress
Tie Dye Done Right
Parker Tie Neck Silk Georgette Maxi Dress
Parker Tie Neck Silk 'Georgette' Maxi Dress
All Of These Rings Are Fabulous and on Trend!
Long and Luscious Waves
How will  you incorporate this style? Let us know! 
Or better yet send us a picture of some of your ideas and finds!

March 17, 2011

Go Green

In honor of St. Patrick's Day we thought we would bring you a few of our favorite clover-colored items. Enjoy!
Lilly Pulitzer

Rachel Leigh Gumball Ring

Max and Chloe
House of Harlow
Hobo Spring Green

Ella Moss Sunset Tunic

Forever 21
BCBG Emerald Floral V-Neck

March 15, 2011

Crazy About Her Style!

We are self-professed followers of The Bachelor and love chatting about it on Tuesday mornings. Anyone else out there look forward to the water cooler chats of Tuesdays? Well this season is no exception and now that it has aired on both coasts and he has picked SPOILER ALERT!!!!!! (we need to do that for all of our friends who DVR'd it and will be watching it later)

Emily, we are thrilled to do a short run down on the little ladie's style. Our fellow blogger over at The Possessionista has done the phenomenal and incredibly time consuming job of tracking down much of what Emily wore while on the show. We are truly in awe. Interestingly enough many of the outfits that we love are from Forever 21! Emily has a knack for mixing those pieces with her gorgeous designer shoes and jewelry. 
The new prints and deal on the Maxi dresses are SO tempting! 
(See link below picture for information)

Here are some of our favorites:
Ruffle Dress located by one of Possessionista's readers.

Floral Romper! Our favorite was the addition of the
white blazer in the evening. Great idea!

Full view of this amazing tunic that appears to be out of stock at Forever 21,
but we are verifying that as we speak.
The Gorgeous Maxi Dress that Possessionista tracked down and
has all of the new prints and how to order it here.

Not the exact ring she wore, but an oh- so similar-we-are-craving-it-in-our-seat find on Etsy by yet again Possessionista

ESSIE Fiji, 0.5 OZ
Her incredible nail polish (Click on image to purchase).
So in closing it seems like Forever 21 was a hit with many of the ladies and 
some fabulous rings and jewelry can be found on Etsy that would pair 
well with the bargain finds and high end finishing pieces.

What was your favorite look from the show?

*Images from PossessionistaForever 21AmazonUS Weekly

March 2, 2011

Orange:The New Pink

Orange is making a serious comeback...AGAIN. This spring look for all different shades of beautiful orange. Make sure that you keep your skin tone in mind when you choose a shade because not all shades of orange work for everyone. Below are a few examples of orange done right, that we love.

sequin hearts charmeuse tube dress
Source: Glamour Magazine
Splendid Stripe Henley (Nordstrom Exclusive)
A Soft Orange Looks Beautiful on Blondes
Helmut Lang 'Glare' Printed Chiffon Tank
Sometimes Just A Splash of Color is Enough
Ella Moss 'Cheyenne' Printed Chiffon Top
This Top is a Fabulous Mixture of Several Current Trends
How will you wear Orange this season? We love Hello Bella's decision to go for Honeysuckle. Not sure what it looks like? Pop over and take a peek! Make sure you tell her we sent you!

February 28, 2011

Quick Clip: The Flip Is Back!

As promised in this post here is an update on Abbey's journey of growing out her hair. Below are some progression pictures to show how we have arrived, at long last, at this point. And we are pleased to announce that this new length allows a favorite styling trick, the flip. As the sections continue their journey to her shoulders, this option gives some sass and character while in transit. This length is also great for headbands and longer earrings. We will update you on other ideas!

To do this at home dry as you would normally. Then put a smoother all over and flat iron in sections starting with the bottom pieces. Straighten them and at the end pull away to create a little flip. Continue this until you reach the top sections and then straighten these pulling straight out and let them fall straight down. Using styling paste apply to the ends and part way up the hair shaft in certain sections to keep it from looking fly away. Hair spray and you are done! PLEASE let us know if these instructions work at home and if you need additional tips and tricks!
The Flip!
February 2011
January 2011
October/November 2010
September 2010
Starting Point- July 2010

February 21, 2011

Hot Picks for Spring: Pants

As you are starting to build your spring wardrobe keep in mind that most of the leggings/Jeggings that you wore this winter can still be worn in the spring with the appropriate top (see our previous post here). Contrary to some reports we think that Jeggings are still in style for spring and if worn correctly can flatter a variety of body types. Some styles to add to your collection for spring are pictured below. Look for silk, linen and twill fabrics that will give you lots of room to breath as the temperatures heat up. Also, keep your eyes wide open for all the super cute cropped styles that scream spring and summer!

These Silk Pants are fabulously different. Because silk is a more formal yet comfortable material they can be dressed up for an evening on the town or dressed down for lunch with your girlfriends.
Robert Rodriguez Crop Cargo Pants
We are really liking the army green shades for spring. They are a wonderful neutral that will bring out an earthy edge in your wardrobe.
Diane von Furstenberg 'Georgie' Cargo Pants
 This more casual version of the cropped army colored pants would be perfect on a lady of shorter stature.
Marrakech 'Pheobe' Pants
We love the length of these pants, especially if you are going out for an evening and may encounter cooler temperatures.  Also, the zipper details give the pants a little something extra and sets them apart. 
Rock & Republic 'Teddie' Stretch Twill Pants

You can't go wrong with a nice fitting pair of linen pants. They are a staple to any spring wardrobe. We love the trouser look for spring and summer too.
Joie 'Major' Linen Pants

These Printed Cropped leggings are fabulous.  They cut brings a feminine flare to the harsher camo print.
Rich & Skinny Printed Crop Moto Leggings
We hope you enjoyed our first spring selection-look for more picks as 
spring and summer near!