February 28, 2011

Quick Clip: The Flip Is Back!

As promised in this post here is an update on Abbey's journey of growing out her hair. Below are some progression pictures to show how we have arrived, at long last, at this point. And we are pleased to announce that this new length allows a favorite styling trick, the flip. As the sections continue their journey to her shoulders, this option gives some sass and character while in transit. This length is also great for headbands and longer earrings. We will update you on other ideas!

To do this at home dry as you would normally. Then put a smoother all over and flat iron in sections starting with the bottom pieces. Straighten them and at the end pull away to create a little flip. Continue this until you reach the top sections and then straighten these pulling straight out and let them fall straight down. Using styling paste apply to the ends and part way up the hair shaft in certain sections to keep it from looking fly away. Hair spray and you are done! PLEASE let us know if these instructions work at home and if you need additional tips and tricks!
The Flip!
February 2011
January 2011
October/November 2010
September 2010
Starting Point- July 2010

February 21, 2011

Hot Picks for Spring: Pants

As you are starting to build your spring wardrobe keep in mind that most of the leggings/Jeggings that you wore this winter can still be worn in the spring with the appropriate top (see our previous post here). Contrary to some reports we think that Jeggings are still in style for spring and if worn correctly can flatter a variety of body types. Some styles to add to your collection for spring are pictured below. Look for silk, linen and twill fabrics that will give you lots of room to breath as the temperatures heat up. Also, keep your eyes wide open for all the super cute cropped styles that scream spring and summer!

These Silk Pants are fabulously different. Because silk is a more formal yet comfortable material they can be dressed up for an evening on the town or dressed down for lunch with your girlfriends.
Robert Rodriguez Crop Cargo Pants
We are really liking the army green shades for spring. They are a wonderful neutral that will bring out an earthy edge in your wardrobe.
Diane von Furstenberg 'Georgie' Cargo Pants
 This more casual version of the cropped army colored pants would be perfect on a lady of shorter stature.
Marrakech 'Pheobe' Pants
We love the length of these pants, especially if you are going out for an evening and may encounter cooler temperatures.  Also, the zipper details give the pants a little something extra and sets them apart. 
Rock & Republic 'Teddie' Stretch Twill Pants

You can't go wrong with a nice fitting pair of linen pants. They are a staple to any spring wardrobe. We love the trouser look for spring and summer too.
Joie 'Major' Linen Pants

These Printed Cropped leggings are fabulous.  They cut brings a feminine flare to the harsher camo print.
Rich & Skinny Printed Crop Moto Leggings
We hope you enjoyed our first spring selection-look for more picks as 
spring and summer near!

February 18, 2011

Pretty and Prego~ Weathering The Storm

It is so easy to get excited about Spring, trust us, we are itching to let our toes peep out of those adorable shoes Spring promises. But since this weather is hanging on we thought we would showcase a few tips and tricks for wearing sweaters while pregnant. The belted style in particular is really popular right now, but there is a right way and a "are you having twins" way, to wear this look. The latter literally will make you look much heavier than you are, which no one wants!
Belted where the belt is originally attached.

Belted on a slope above the bump.
Forgo the belt and thin down!
Try to elongate your look, especially if you are short like Abbey. Do your best to be aware of where you are cutting off the line of sight and how it makes the bump look. And try out different lengths with your layers, adds dimension and color to your basics. Happy Dressing!

February 16, 2011

Hot Picks For Spring: Tops

Even though we are still in the dead of winter it is time to start thinking about, and building our spring wardrobe. As is our practice we have picked out some of our favorite spring tops so that we can watch them, and wait for them to go on sale so that we can snap them up. What we are really loving this spring is all the sophisticated detailing combined with comfortable, breathable and fabulous looking fabrics. The combination makes for a very put together, yet effortless look. We welcome you to follow our lead and share your favorite spring tops with us!

This look is cool and casual and the colors are amazing!  We really love the mix of textures, the uneven hem and the fringe.
Winter Kate Fringed Burnout Velvet Cardigan
Winter Kate fringed Burnout velvet Cardigan
  We love this DVF sweater. It would work beautifully on a lady with a smallish chest!
Diane von Furstenberg 'Meka' Sweater
DVF "Meka" sweater
This beautiful silk top sparkles for all to admire while still giving you an effortlessly simple appeal. 
Parker Embellished Silk Tunic
Parker Embellished Silk Tunic
Fabulous and effortless. This top can be dressed down, as pictured, for daytime or dressed up with a few well placed accessories for an evening on the town!
Robert Rodriguez Print Silk Top
Robert Rodriguez Print Silk Top

This cardigan is great because it has a lot of stitch detailing at the bottom and it would be the perfect cover up for a simple t-shirt or tank.
Leifsdottir Stripe Ruffled Cardigan
Leifsdottir Stripe Ruffled Cardigan

                                    Nautical, Striped and Flowy...This shirt is a must have!
Diane von Furstenberg 'Dugan' Top
DVF "Dugan" top
This top is so great for spring because the brown color transitions well from the black of winter and silk is light but warm.
Haute Hippie Snake Print Silk Tunic
Haute Hippie Snake Print Silk Tunic

This sweater is very cool. We really like the texture, that gives it a more casual appeal and the metallic color that adds some sass.
LaROK 'Jillian' Metallic Sweater Knit Poncho
LaROK 'Jillian' Metalic Sweater Knit Poncho

Steph loves most things sparkly and this shirt is no exception. This shirt is well made and will sit well on your body. The color would be beautiful on most skin tones.
Dolan Sequin Circle Top
Dolan Sequin Circle Top

February 10, 2011

A Supreme New Shopping Ground

We wanted to take a minute to let you all know that Nordstrom Rack now has a website. We are very excited about this because it means that we can get 60-70% off of 
Racked items found all over the country!  Check it out and enjoy. 
Nordstrom Rack is Steph's favorite store, EVER.

February 9, 2011

Something Old, Something New

* Sorry this is delayed, we have had problems with pictures and getting them up. We wanted to post it anyways though. Let us know if you need more details!

Although it is really fun to get a new accessory to play with it is even more thrilling to find a new cool way to wear one you already have. We love letting our creative juices flow each morning as we put an outfit together. It can be fun to think outside the box and come up with something totally unique to you. 

A Perfect Necklace

Long necklaces are fabulous and fashionable but short chunky necklaces are the it thing right now. Convert your long necklace into a short chunky beauty by doubling it up and using a broach, or two or three- as the clasp. Allow the clasped part of the necklace to act as a beautiful embellishment. 

A Perfect Cuff

If you like the cuff look that is so it right now but haven't spent the money to invest in some of your own then try remaking what you have. Take two or ten smaller bracelets and put them together to create a cuff look.

A Perfect Hair Piece

If you love the look of a big cool broach or flower in your hair but don't want to spend a ton of money try going to someplace like Icing or Forever 21 and getting 2 or 3 smaller pieces and bunching them together to make your own one of a kind creation.

The Perfect Earrings and Ring

I don't think that there is any way to reinvent a big cocktail ring or earrings (if any of you have a suggestion I would be interested to hear them) but Forever 21 is a great place to pick up some cheap (and I do mean cheap, not just inexpensive) costume jewelery. Their cocktail rings and earrings range from $3 to $12 and are totally on trend. If you have a bunch of skinny rings how about stacking a few on one finger for volume? That would add a cool new twist on what you already have. 

I hope that you all have gotten a little bit of Valentine's day inspiration, we would LOVE to see pictures of what you put together for the big day! Good luck Glamour Girls!!

February 4, 2011

The LBD Updated

The countdown to V-Day <Valentine's Day> has begun! Whether you are looking forward to a romantic evening with a special someone or a night on the town with the girls, this is a perfect occasion to get dressed up and we want to help. In brainstorming this holiday we thought, why not come up with a way to re-purpose those fabulous party dresses from the holiday season? Give them one more reason to thrive? So pull out your little black, or as was the case this season, little blue dress and we will help you restyle!

Shrug: Update your holiday sequin look with a shrug that you can wear through Spring!
Via   Via   Via  Via

Belt: Pair dresses with a natural waist, like those below, or a fabulous shift dress 
with a belt that is fun and jazzy like the those below.
Via  Via  Via

Via  Via  Via  Via

Ribbon: Add punch to your LBD with a ribbon belt. Maybe in the color of the little box you are hoping to receive?
Via   Via

Petticoat: Volume changes the shape and your silhouette. 
Add a sassy petticoat to create a new look like that of the one on the far right!
Via  Via  Via  Via

Quick note, many of these items above are on SALE and some are just great, 
inexpensive finds. Have to say that putting these together made our wallets itchy. 
We might have to snag one of these for ourselves. Hmm... stay posted! 
And don't miss Monday's post, we will follow up with the perfect way to 
accessorize these looks!