November 28, 2010

A Reason To Celebrate

 A Royal Wedding is around the corner and that dear friends is cause for celebration. Such an event of style and grace has a tremendous affect on the fashion world. This April 29th at Westminster Abbey the lovely Kate Middleton and the ever gorgeous Prince William will exchange their vows while the world holds their breath.

Already there is a deafening buzz as to the designer of the highly anticipated wedding gown. Daniella Helayel, the brilliant designer behind the label Issa, is in the running as a likely candidate. Helayel designed Kate's gown for the announcement of their engagement. A dress that was immediately imitated everywhere and flew off the shelves.

Press Association via AP Images
Kate has already made an impression with her impeccable style and we are very excited for the upcoming marriage and all it entails. We will bring you updates as they stream in, but for the moment have picked some of our favorite looks the Princess-to-be has premiered. 
Riding Boots, for the wet and cold weather.
In LOVE with these Boots!

Hats, very British and sometimes daring.
 It is cold in England, we can appreciate her love for tailored coats.

What is your favorite look?

November 24, 2010

Makeup Minute

A holiday obsession of ours is the arrival of the MAC mini pigment sets. This highly anticipated event has occured! The tiny, delectable little sets with their variety of colors open the mind to an array of possibilities and are affordable. Their arrival is a bright spot in the darkness of winter.

If you have already purchased your MAC pigment this year and are looking for more great makeup options Sephora is a great place to look for these beautiful little sets. And if you become an "insider", which means you register with them, then for so many dollars spent you get wonderful little samples.  One set they are currently carrying that has potential is the Bare Escentuals Shimmer and Shine Collection:

Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Shimmer & Shine Collection ($142 Value) bareMinerals Shimmer & Shine Collection

Another brand that has been deemed a quality purchase in the past is  LORAC. Currently they have a mini palate set that looks dark and dramatic. Great for the little black dress affairs of the season.

LORAC Private Affair Palette ($136 Value) Private Affair Palette

We are eager to see what is debuted after Thanksgiving. This year might just be a, stand-in-line-the-weekend-of-Thanksgiving-to-preview-the-makeup-sets, type of year. Don't worry, we will make sure you are along for every step of the ride. Happy shopping!

November 22, 2010

Quick Clip

We love, love, love the versatility of the "BOB".  This classic hairstyle was recently popularized by Victoria Beckham and it can be worn in different variations by almost anyone. Below are some of our favorite variations of this classic cut.

If you are hoping to get this type of look it is always advisable to bring in pictures (maybe even the ones above), and to be very clear in your descriptive terms to your stylist. Using words like: Bob, side swept bangs,  exactly how long you want the cut to be (below my chin, right HERE) and texturized should help put you and your stylist on the same page. Remember to be very clear on your expectations and your stylist will be able to give you what you want. 

November 21, 2010

Halloween Follow Up

We thought you might like to see how we snazzed up Halloween this year. Abbey followed the formula set forth in our previous post and created a set of costumes for a Dr. Seuss themed party. Using a found costume that resembled bear, the search was on for a set of three costumes in the classic Seussical world that revolved around a bear character. The result was a Lorax, Truffula Tree and Bar-ba-Loot.Total cost for all three costumes: $17.

The Lorax (Classic Seuss)

The three of us!

My outfit, handmade & fabulous!

Close up of the fringe and hem

November 19, 2010


If you are an aspiring fashionista you might look at all the “IT GIRLS” in the world around you and feel green with envy, wanting to be them. Well we are here to tell you that you can –even on a smallish budget! No matter what your income bracket, as a fashionista, you are looking to achieve that put together “”IT" style. You want your look to represent how you feel about yourself. You want it to say: I am successful. I know who I am and I AM BEAUTIFUL. Below we want to let you in on a few of our little secrets for obtaining that look.

How do you get that Nordstrom/ Bergdorf/ Saks style on a Target budget? First, figure out what your style is. You can do this by looking back at things you have owned and loved wearing. Second, get your priorities straight. Before you start building your wardrobe you need to know what's important to you. And finally, make smart investments with your money. Buy things you can wear often and reinvent. If you follow these three steps you can build your wardrobe into an expression of who you are on almost any budget.

The first two steps in this process are fairly easy. Know what you like and figure out your budget. The third step is more of a challenge. To make smart fashion investments means two things. First, if you are just beginning to build your wardrobe you need to make sure to invest in some fabulous “solid staples” like a pair of dark skinny jeans (we recommend JBrand, True Religion, Seven for All Mankind, Hudson, Citizens or my personal favorite, Paige Premium Denim), some black pants, a pair of blue or khaki trousers, boot cut jeans, a fitted jacket, black pumps and several cute, but not to flashy blouses. This will give you a good base to work with and in time you can add some flair to your solid staples. Secondly, a good fashion investments means spending wisely! If budget is important to you- and let’s face it, to most of us it is- then start your shopping adventure by checking out Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx, Marshals, Ross and thrift stores like Goodwill - in that order. These stores sell designer brands at prices that are 40-85% off retail prices.

So, here’s our point. All the "IT" girls you see around you that have enviable wardrobes and excellent fashion sense don’t necessarily have that great wardrobe because they are a "rich" girl. It is quite possible that they are just fabulous shoppers who shop systematically, keeping their priorities in mind and make good sound investments with their money. You don’t have to be rich to dress the part, you just have to be a smart shopper who shops often and diligently.

November 17, 2010

Bargain Bag

This weeks fabulous bargain is these sparkly Steve Madden shoes that are $29.99 at Marshall's! A very similar pair is featured in Glamour Magazine's 20th Anniversary Special Issue on page 122 in their "HOW TO SPARKLE AT NIGHT" portion. The pair they features are $79 at Chinese Laundry. This Steve Madden version is also available in black glitter. 
Now at Marshall's

Glamour Magazine
Great for the Holidays
Happy shopping!

November 15, 2010

Bragging Rights

 With the holiday's right around the corner we have begun our search for the perfect gifts. In our search for original and fabulous finds we are drawn back to Etsy time and time again. After some discussion Stephanie has taken the leap and launched her own store! She has been crafting beautiful earrings for awhile, but they have been mainly for the purpose of personal gifts. With a little prodding she whipped up some additional pairs and voila! You can now all share in a tiny piece of her abundant creativity, at an affordable price. Here is the link for her shop: Stephanie's Etsy Shop We would love to hear what your favorite etsy shops are, we are always looking for some great suggestions!

November 10, 2010

Cause Worthy Purchase

 We are in love with these necklaces and it is such an incredible cause that each purchase goes to support. The product is inspired by the fact the young boys are sent to the frontlines of the war in Congo with only a whistle as their weapon. The idea that they have taken a symbol of evil and turned it into one of hope is inspiring. The price point of each piece is feasible, even for those on a budget. And 100 % of every sale goes to “restore the lives of war-affected kids through rehabilitation programs and stateside advocacy.” Wow, 100% of each and every sale. So when considering your Christmas shopping, might we suggest these make your list? They have made our list!

November 9, 2010

Holiday Freebie

  Holiday mailings are a great way opportunity to put your fashion foot forward. There are so many ways to customize them and put that extra special pizazz that is expected of a Fashionista. For a limited time we have a Fashion Freebie to help with personalizing your holiday cheer. If you go to Vista Print you will see links to two types of return address labels. Both have great ways to personalize your mailings and right now you only pay for shipping! To have them at your front door in about 7 business days it is a little less than $4 for 140 labels. That is a great deal! So click over and put a little style into your holiday mailing!

November 8, 2010

Go Vintage

Thrift stores, consignment stores, estate sales- and sometimes even garage sales are great places to find pieces that will enhance what you already have in your wardrobe.  We love finding unique accessories at places like Goodwill, Value Village, Inside Vintage and Dumpster Values (Olympia, Wa) and at estate sales.  Stephanie will frequently take a morning out of her week to check out local shops to see what they have.  The key to vintage shopping is to go frequently and see what is out there.  Some of the great finds we have made at vintage stores are pictured.

November 2, 2010


This spot will be dedicated to short blips about all things hair. If you have a question about hair, hair cuts, hair products, etc... Please ask! We might feature your question in one of our spots.

If you are trying to grow your hair out you are probably dreading those akward inbetween stages. Luckily there has been a great revival of the 70's shag haircut.  The shag is not only super sexy but is also very versatile too. 


Shag Hairstyle Picture

November 1, 2010


One of the advantages to following the blogs of major clothing lines is many times they offer random discounts or freebies. Case in point is today's Freebie, coming to you courtesy of Free People's Blog. A free, full-size downloadable calendar for November. 
Now this I could hang in my office.

Free People November Calendar