December 6, 2010

Cause Worthy Purchase

In the spirit of the holidays we plan to highlight some amazing gift giving ideas over the next few weeks. This section will be devoted to organizations that use the money from the sales to further a cause that we support and can stand behind. 

Today's Cause Worthy idea comes to you from Proxy Apparel an organization that states their mission is " empower and employ women in a sweatshop-free sustainable world. We partner with women-owned, fair trade cooperatives in developing countries." They are not only creating an outlet for these women to be paid fairly, but they are doing something we LOVE: seeking out new designers. An idea that the fashion industry is built upon and Proxy Apparel is taking to the next level. 

Some of our favorites items are:
Signature Bracelet
Birds Nest Ring
A recommendation when gifting items like these, print out (on fabulous paper) the story of the organization that your purchase has helped. The person receiving the gift will be impacted and it will elevated the importance and uniqueness of this special item. Happy shopping!

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