July 17, 2011

The Beginning

I grew up in a family who put very little emphasis on clothing or appearance. My parents taught me to be more concerned with character than appearance (which is absolutely right, by the way). There is nothing wrong however, with keeping up with the maintenance that goes along with living in this tent of ours.
Ironically, after college I went into the beauty industry- becoming a hairstylist. Now I am feeling a need to expand my styling skills by making my way into the world of fashion. I love doing hair- (obviously the most important accessory) and I am going to love designing clothing that people will feel fabulous in...and more importantly, that will support a really awesome cause.
I am so excited to combine the passions I have developed with the principles that my parents taught me growing up. So here's to a wonderful journey. I am looking forward to great things, anticipating a lot of learning and expecting lots of surprises. I'm excited to be sharing this journey with you- perhaps it will inspire you a little.

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