April 30, 2013

Smart shopping

I know that many people are enticed by companies like forever21 that offer low prices on trendy pieces. Just the other day in fact, I visited forever21 in search of a fabulous bright colored jacket at a low price. I found my jacket. It was super cute, 35$ and not returnable (I always feel like this says something about how the store views their merchandise)...

 After I bought the jacket I decided to hit Macys for some new lipgloss.  While I was walking through toward the Lancome counter I spotted no less than three jackets that were almost identical to the one I had just purchased. Of course I had to check them out.  None of these jackets had an original retail price of 35$ or less but they were all on sale for 35-40$...And given their higher quality feel, and the return policy of the store I knew that they were  a much better value for my money. I immediately felt like I had not done my due diligence as the great shopper I consider myself to be. Shame on me.

Two of the higher quality jackets I could have had if I had been a better shopper....

A INC Jacket (I think this particular brand is an excellent value for your money. They make high quality clothing that lasts really well)...regularly $99.50, on sale for $37.00
or, this Alfani blazer, origionaly $79.00 on clearance for 80% off
I know we all have our thing, and if you are reading my blog then fashion and shopping are some of your things... BE SMART SHOPPERS! Always search out the best deal...it's so rewarding.

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