March 5, 2013

New Partners for 31EIGHT!

I started 31eight a year ago with Boaz Crawford.  We put our first line of T-shirts out this last September. Our goal is to help provide hope to those people around us who are lost in the hopeless situations of this world. This first year we are focusing on supporting non-profits like compassion2one and the Tronie Foundation who help people who are caught up in, and enslaved by human trafficking. The T-shirts are beautiful and we are very excited to have made a product that so many of you have chosen to support! Thank you.

 As we move forward and continue to grow we are very happy to announce our partnership with two other charitable companies who are also working to help bring hope to those less fortunate.  First, we are joining forces with Crux Watches.  If you haven't checked out this company do it now! This amazing company gives 10% of their profits to help support various social causes.
Secondly, we are joining forces with Maebeads. Their founder Leila Carras is a local artist who makes hand blown, all american glass, beads and pendants.  She is highly acclaimed and has had her art featured in museums in New York City. She will be featuring her hand blown glass hearts on 31eight's site,  donating a portion of each sale to help end human trafficking.

Please join us in welcoming these new partners!

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  1. YAY!!! I am so exited to be working with you on this. :)