March 21, 2013


This fantabulous look is everywhere this season.

And I am LOVING it!  I have heard people saying that it is on the way out but for west-coasters it is going to stick around for a while, so give it a try.  It is very low maintenance and it looks great with beachy waves!

Ombre is such a form of art.  The way it turns out will completely depend on your stylist and how descriptive you are about what you want.  Bringing some pictures of Ombre that you like is key.  Talk to your stylist about what you do and do not like in each picture. Choose colors that compliment your skin tone and use common descriptive terms that your stylist is likely to understand.

SJP is rocking the WHISPER...

Rachel Bilson's Ombre SPEAKS to me...

This Ombre is SHOUTING look at my fabulous doo!

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