February 4, 2011

The LBD Updated

The countdown to V-Day <Valentine's Day> has begun! Whether you are looking forward to a romantic evening with a special someone or a night on the town with the girls, this is a perfect occasion to get dressed up and we want to help. In brainstorming this holiday we thought, why not come up with a way to re-purpose those fabulous party dresses from the holiday season? Give them one more reason to thrive? So pull out your little black, or as was the case this season, little blue dress and we will help you restyle!

Shrug: Update your holiday sequin look with a shrug that you can wear through Spring!
Via   Via   Via  Via

Belt: Pair dresses with a natural waist, like those below, or a fabulous shift dress 
with a belt that is fun and jazzy like the those below.
Via  Via  Via

Via  Via  Via  Via

Ribbon: Add punch to your LBD with a ribbon belt. Maybe in the color of the little box you are hoping to receive?
Via   Via

Petticoat: Volume changes the shape and your silhouette. 
Add a sassy petticoat to create a new look like that of the one on the far right!
Via  Via  Via  Via

Quick note, many of these items above are on SALE and some are just great, 
inexpensive finds. Have to say that putting these together made our wallets itchy. 
We might have to snag one of these for ourselves. Hmm... stay posted! 
And don't miss Monday's post, we will follow up with the perfect way to 
accessorize these looks!

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