February 28, 2011

Quick Clip: The Flip Is Back!

As promised in this post here is an update on Abbey's journey of growing out her hair. Below are some progression pictures to show how we have arrived, at long last, at this point. And we are pleased to announce that this new length allows a favorite styling trick, the flip. As the sections continue their journey to her shoulders, this option gives some sass and character while in transit. This length is also great for headbands and longer earrings. We will update you on other ideas!

To do this at home dry as you would normally. Then put a smoother all over and flat iron in sections starting with the bottom pieces. Straighten them and at the end pull away to create a little flip. Continue this until you reach the top sections and then straighten these pulling straight out and let them fall straight down. Using styling paste apply to the ends and part way up the hair shaft in certain sections to keep it from looking fly away. Hair spray and you are done! PLEASE let us know if these instructions work at home and if you need additional tips and tricks!
The Flip!
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