February 18, 2011

Pretty and Prego~ Weathering The Storm

It is so easy to get excited about Spring, trust us, we are itching to let our toes peep out of those adorable shoes Spring promises. But since this weather is hanging on we thought we would showcase a few tips and tricks for wearing sweaters while pregnant. The belted style in particular is really popular right now, but there is a right way and a "are you having twins" way, to wear this look. The latter literally will make you look much heavier than you are, which no one wants!
Belted where the belt is originally attached.

Belted on a slope above the bump.
Forgo the belt and thin down!
Try to elongate your look, especially if you are short like Abbey. Do your best to be aware of where you are cutting off the line of sight and how it makes the bump look. And try out different lengths with your layers, adds dimension and color to your basics. Happy Dressing!

1 comment:

  1. Abbey is just so cute. There is practically no wrong way for her to wear clothes! Although, I have to admit, I do like the emphasis of the baby bump.