March 28, 2011

Perfect Fit

Clothes are an expression of who we are and all of us want to put our best foot forward. In order to ensure we do that we need to wear clothing that fits us well. Since each of our bodies are unique and one of a kind sometimes it is hard to find things that fit perfectly and accentuate our assets. Stephanie for example, has a voluptuous derrière and often has to have the waist of her jeans taken in. Abbey is 5'1, so as you can imagine hemming her pants is a must. Odds are that you too have a hard time finding things that fit perfectly on your unique and one of a kind body. So when making a purchase allot some money in your budget for tailoring.

You may be wondering, "How do I find a good tailor?" and that is an excellent question. Some department stores such as Nordstrom and The Buckle offer tailoring as a service to their customers. If you are shopping elsewhere however, our advice is to ask around for a recommendation.  You might ask a friend who they use or your local boutique are usually more than happy to make a recommendation. 

A few of our recommendations for the PNW Area:
* In Olympia, Yi's Alterations is an excellent place to get alterations. They are speedy, reasonably priced and they do very good work.
* In Seattle City Custom Tailor & Dry Cleaners is inexpensive, speedy as well.
* In Portland DZ Alterations & Tailor Shop has been a lifesaver on more than one occasion. 

Average Price Point For Services (based on our experiences)
*Regular pant hem is between 10 and 13 dollars
*Complicated pant hem is between 14 and 26 dollars
*Waist alteration is between 14 and 35 dollars
*Dress hem is around 20 dollars
*Rush fees can be extra, but ask how fast they can have it done 
before mentioning the word rush
*The cost of tailoring varies dramatically so make sure you ask about cost when you are fitted.

If you can provide a great recommendation in your area we would love to post it, so let us know!

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