March 15, 2011

Crazy About Her Style!

We are self-professed followers of The Bachelor and love chatting about it on Tuesday mornings. Anyone else out there look forward to the water cooler chats of Tuesdays? Well this season is no exception and now that it has aired on both coasts and he has picked SPOILER ALERT!!!!!! (we need to do that for all of our friends who DVR'd it and will be watching it later)

Emily, we are thrilled to do a short run down on the little ladie's style. Our fellow blogger over at The Possessionista has done the phenomenal and incredibly time consuming job of tracking down much of what Emily wore while on the show. We are truly in awe. Interestingly enough many of the outfits that we love are from Forever 21! Emily has a knack for mixing those pieces with her gorgeous designer shoes and jewelry. 
The new prints and deal on the Maxi dresses are SO tempting! 
(See link below picture for information)

Here are some of our favorites:
Ruffle Dress located by one of Possessionista's readers.

Floral Romper! Our favorite was the addition of the
white blazer in the evening. Great idea!

Full view of this amazing tunic that appears to be out of stock at Forever 21,
but we are verifying that as we speak.
The Gorgeous Maxi Dress that Possessionista tracked down and
has all of the new prints and how to order it here.

Not the exact ring she wore, but an oh- so similar-we-are-craving-it-in-our-seat find on Etsy by yet again Possessionista

ESSIE Fiji, 0.5 OZ
Her incredible nail polish (Click on image to purchase).
So in closing it seems like Forever 21 was a hit with many of the ladies and 
some fabulous rings and jewelry can be found on Etsy that would pair 
well with the bargain finds and high end finishing pieces.

What was your favorite look from the show?

*Images from PossessionistaForever 21AmazonUS Weekly

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