March 18, 2011

Diggin' the 70's vibe!

We are totally inspired by all the throwback to the 70's. We love the bell bottoms, which flatter almost everyone because they even out our thighs with our calves. The retro prints, the big chunky earthy jewelery, the tie dye, and the silky boho tops are so inspiring! Add in the seemingly effortless style of the 70's hairdos and you have sweet summer perfection.All of the great parts of the 70's are back and ready for your warm embrace!
Young, Fabulous & Broke 'Kane Seaside' Tie Dyed Dress
Tie Dye Done Right
Parker Tie Neck Silk Georgette Maxi Dress
Parker Tie Neck Silk 'Georgette' Maxi Dress
All Of These Rings Are Fabulous and on Trend!
Long and Luscious Waves
How will  you incorporate this style? Let us know! 
Or better yet send us a picture of some of your ideas and finds!

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