March 23, 2011

A Tribute To A Legend

At the age of 79 Elizabeth Taylor has left this earth. 
A legend in so many ways it is hard to sum up the legacy she left behind. There is not an area of the industry her hands didn't grace. Child actress, stunning adult screen phenomenon, jewelry designer, fashion icon, perfume expert and activist she truly has left shoes too large for anyone to fill. As we mentioned in our random round-up of facts about us, we spent much of our time together watching old movies. In doing so we have watched many of Ms. Taylor's greater performances and are so very sad she is gone. And the scent of "White Diamonds" will always bring back memories for Abbey as her grandmother wore it religiously in the fall. 

We thought we would leave you this Wednesday with some of our favorite images of this amazing icon. The hats, the jewelry, oh the jewelry, the hair and those eyes. 
All so uniquely Elizabeth Taylor. 

Ms. Taylor, the curtain has fallen too soon and you will be missed.

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  1. Maybe not totally on topic, but I love how that generation boldly displayed the tummy "pooch". It was okay, and even a part of beauty in that day and age.