January 26, 2011

Quick Clip: How to Grow Your Hair out in Style

If you are like most of us you have probably been through the sometimes painful process of growing out your hair, and you have probably done it more than once. It just seems that it's in our nature to want what we don't have so if we have long luscious locks we want to cut them off and vice versa. We all know that short hair can be fabulously fun and flirty and long hair can be super sexy but how do we get from short and sassy to long and luscious in style? Here are some of our tips.

The Road From Short and Sassy to Long and Luscious Begins here:
Sienna Miller
Sienna Miller looks FABULOUS is this pixie style but she soon tires of having only a couple of styling options and decides it's time to grow her hair out. This is a process that most of us have gone through many times. The key to growing out your hair from super short to long is to allow time for the front of your hair, especially the part that is around your ears, to catch up with the back

Meg Ryan's short shag cut is a stylish option as you begin to work toward a little more length in your hair. As you can see Meg has more length in the front than Sienna.
Meg Ryan
Now that the front of your hair is below your ears its time to start cutting off the mullet you will feel like you have. It is much more stylish to have your hair slightly longer, or even, with the back than to rock a mullet.  So, resist the urge to cut the front of your hair and have your stylist just cut the back and blend in the front.  Within a couple of appointments you should have a fairly even line around the bottom.
Victoria Beckam Made a Major Statement With Her Stacked Bob

Now that you have achieved an even bottom line you are ready for almost anything, and you are past the worst part of growing out your hair.
Nicole Richie Rocks Her Bob With Bangs

And as you continue to grow your hair out you can keep it simple and cool with just a few layers at the bottom like Gwenyth Paltrow or you can embrace a modern, more alternative shag like Taylor Momsen.

Gwenyth Paltrow
Taylor Momsen

At this point the possibilities are endless for you. The main thing to consider is which style will compliment your facial features the most and work the best with your hair texture. We thought we would showcase this process as Abbey has been growing her hair out for the past couple of months and struggled with what to do with it in the in between stages. 
The starting point
So look for follow up pieces with information on styling Dos and Don'ts. And as always, we would LOVE to hear your questions regarding this process. Are you in the process of growing your hair out? Or are you thinking of chopping it all off? Let us know! We love pictures as well if you want to send those to us. Happy styling!

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