January 17, 2011

Fashion Show Review

So yours truly, Abbey, was invited to a holiday fashion show for a local boutique in Portland, OR and they know how to throw a party. There was so much that was done well that it was incredibly disappointing to have the actual line they were premiering feel like it fell flat on its face.

Fabulous space, check. Great drinks, check. Attention to detail, check. Feeling like the press wants to be there and you are privileged to have a seat for the show, CHECK! The boutique created a wonderful holiday atmosphere that encompassed you the moment you walked in the door. Great lighting and decorations, a champagne bar with lovely little gummies (Bachelor style) to put in your glass. Friendly staff and servers, photographers circulating taking notes and pictures galore. All of it made you feel festive and exclusive. For a boutique with a small space this is a fabulous coup.  Taking my seat I felt chic and excited, which is what made the following so disappointing.

The line that was premiered was from Heidi Merrick, a designer from California that they had been hyping for awhile. The advertised concept for the look was "Tinsletown Glitz", which conjures images of fabulous holiday party dresses. These more closely resembled something you would wear to a holiday party with a client or your boss. A lot of coverage and very business. My girlfriend and I just kept saying, "cute, for a work event". There was very little that could be considered a party dress. 

The second glaring issue was a major kuffufle of styling error after styling error. A sheer top that had a twisted maternal bra underneath. Numerous instances of jewelry not pulled out correctly, sometimes half in or completely hidden inside the shirt. Dresses not zipped up all the way. Twisted skirts and tops. With almost every new look we would look at each other and nod, both seeing the same thing simultaneously. Sad and distracting. 

The boutique knows how to throw a party and I will be at the next one, guaranteed. And there were a few dresses that we can appreciate. At this price point though we aren't motivated to buy. Good inspiration for future shopping endeavours and the party was a warm spot in a cold winter!

Cunning little detail in an off center and partial bow. LOVE!

My gorgeous friend Shannon modeling for me. The same dress in the front. One of our few picks.

Me modeling our other pick. This fit like a dream and had a great back. It gives you a good
idea of the buttoned up nature of the line. Such a darling dress, but not really a party frock.

This motif was on EVERYTHING! Shirts, off shoulder, strapped, pants and skirts. 

The popular motif on a skirt, the way we liked it best.

My lovely friend and model showing off the crazy
and very fun hair for the event. 

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  1. I agree with your review...the party was great...the line not so much!