January 12, 2011

Quick Clip: Bright Chunks of Color

We really love the fabulous chunks of bright color that are quite popular right now. The purple, pink, blue and green are like a rainbow against a dark gray sky. They brighten up our day whenever we see them. Unfortunately those bright beautiful colors are semi permanent and fade to dull icky colors in only a couple of weeks. If you are thinking of trying this cool new trend we recommend that you ask your stylist to send you home with a maintenance kit so that you can touch up the color at home in between visits. And in ALL cases have the first application done by a stylist, this is a must. In case your stylist isn't able to supply you with such a kit we have a few recommendations that are available to the public. Our favorite is Beyond the Zone color by Jamz at Sally's Beauty Supply.

Recently we decided to take the plunge and put purple in Abbey's hair. After a couple of weeks it was time to touch up the color at home. Doing so gave us additional insight that we wanted to pass onto you. Hopefully this will give you the confidence to also take the leap and try the trend out for yourself. If you do, please send us pictures! We would love to see how it turns out.

Home Application:
* Have someone available to help you apply the color. 
It can be difficult to see the sections just using a mirror. A second set of eyes will ensure you don't miss any stray strands.
* Wear gloves!
If you don't you will have colored hands. We found a two pack of rubber gloves at the dollar store. They worked perfectly.
* The container might be ambiguous about the time frame for leaving it on when doing a reapplication. 
The directions address initial application. Don't be deterred! Leaving it on longer makes the color darker. Some kits say to leave it on for about 15 minutes. Don't be nervous about leaving it on longer  have achieved your desired shade. If not, reapply.
* Don't panic if the dye gets on your sink or ceramic surface.
Abbey's home had all ceramic surfaces in the bathroom and when the dye hit the surface it looked to leave permanent damage. Don't fear, use nail polish remover and gentle rub the surface, it will come right out.
* Take your time rinsing the color out.
Make sure that the water is running clear before applying conditioner. To keep your hands from being dyed while washing your hair out take the gloves into the shower with you.
* Have a body scrub/exfoliant at the ready.
After it was set and ready to be rinsed Abbey jumped in the shower. In a few seconds her whole body was a tinge of purple. A quick scrub with an exfoliant brought the natural color right back.
Notice the chunks to the far right side. They really add dimension.

Straight on and the chunk on the left is slightly noticeable in this picture.

The color early on, before it has lightened. A much darker shade.

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