January 21, 2011

Makeup Minute-MAC Review

We are the proud new(ish) owners of the holiday MAC mini-pigment sets that we wrote about here. We have been experimenting with the different shades and chatting with others who are new pigment converts. It is really fun to discover new makeup finds! 
They were packaged in these adorable tins, with even more adorable drawstring bags if you said they were a gift. The above set is the Smokey Thrillseekers set and Abbey purchased this one, very dramatic colors!
Steph purchased this set (above), the Warm Thrillseekers Set. This set is great for everyday wear that really makes your eyes pop. At about $33 these were a great deal. With five pigments in each set these were less than $7 each! 

Initially Abbey was exceedingly frustrated that the pigments wore off quickly. Having purchased a set as an early Christmas gift for her sister-in-law and watching that they stayed put and beautiful on her eyes all day long, she thought application might be the issue. Fortunately this had happened to Steph last year and she remedied this problem by purchasing the eye primer from MAC. Problem solved! It is easy to forget that each powder or pigment is a different formula that will interact with your skin in a completely different way. There are many eye shadows that stay put on Abbey no problem, but for some reason MAC pigments needed a little help. Our recommendation to you, try it first and you can always go back for the primer. Who knows, you might get lucky and not need it at all!

What is your favorite eye shadow? We would love to hear your recommendations!

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