January 24, 2011

No Pants, A Frightening Trend

Stylelist Experiment
An interesting thing happened while watching the music performances on New Year's Eve. It became frighteningly apparent that something was missing on many women, pants! Throughout the evening it became a joke "oh look, another one decided to forgo the pants as well". The theme of Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve With Ryan Seacrest, in case you missed it, was very futuristic. Sharp angles, some very interesting fashion choices, newer artists and the absence of pants, or skirts for that matter.

A few days later while researching upcoming trends an article popped from the pages of Glamour The Best Dos and Don'ts of the Year!. The first section of the article being all about this trend of not wearing pants, where "underwear as outerwear" had evolved into an actual look. This past year had experienced skirts that were almost non-existent, more of an ode to the concept of the skirt. 
Chanel Iman
Reading through the other Don'ts of 2010 made us grateful to have some of that in the past and excited for the abundance of possibilities this coming year brings. While it is apparent that the no pants look might linger, we are confident that it too shall pass and will evolve into something fabulous! 

So tell us, what was your favorite trend of the past year and what are you grateful to see on the Don'ts list?

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